The new OKR tree, date filter, and notifications at Slack


Last two weeks, we updated a bunch of things, and it’s time to show you what you can do at Focus.

The new OKR Tree

We rebuilt the OKR tree. The tree had only 3 levels of objectives before – the company’s OKRs, teams, and individuals. However, customers asked us to add more levels because they have more complex structures. For example, company’s OKRs -> departments’ OKRs -> teams’ OKRs -> individuals’ OKRs. 

So, it’s possible to do now. No more limits at the OKR three now. To build the tree, you should specify a parent OKR in OKR settings.

OKR tree at Focus

Date filter in OKRs

We added date filters to objectives. It’s possible to sort OKRs based on the time range of the OKR’s due in date. It allows you to see objectives for the current quarter by default and focus on them. 

Sort OKRs by due in date

OKR notifications on Slack

We added more data in notifications in Slack. The Focus bot will send notifications when someone updates OKRs. It’s possible to see previous metrics and the progress that the team has.

OKR notifications at Slack

You can set OKR notifications in Slack here. And this is the guide on how to install and set the Focus bot.

Updates in pricing

We updated the pricing model in September. Here are 2 changes:

1) Annual plans. There is a 20% discount for annual plans now. 
2) Free plan. The focus plan with OKRs is free for individuals now.

Let me know what you think.