Focus for Slack

Run standups and send recognition without leaving Slack

Why use Focus bot?

Focus bot allows teams stay in sync without wasting the time. Instead of the heap of messages, long emails, and endless meetings – focus on what matters the most. Replace costly status meetings by lightweight online standups.

Keep your team in sync

Focus bot allows your team stay in sync with daily standups and weekly updates

Build a high-performance culture

Simplify communication across timezones and automate managing processes, so your people can perform better

Appreciate top achievers

Focus makes the process of employees recognition easy and ensures it becomes a regular habit

Focus bot features

Stay connected without spending days in drawn out meetings that don’t achieve a lot

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Standup Meetings

Virtual standups are a great way to stay connected. You and your team will know what’s happening through a simple 5 minute a day check in.

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Weekly Updates

Keep track of strategic objectives and see what everyone has accomplished throughout the last week. Identify potential issues and build alignment within the team.

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Employee Recognition

Build a culture of recognition and 'thank' your team through our unique approach. Find regular opportunities for teammates to be recognised for their accomplishments through our platform.

How Focus bot works

How it works
Schedule daily standup and/or weekly update

Set the time, type of event and channel(s) to deliver results. You might run standard or asynchronous meetings in Slack. Asynchronous standup begins in particular locale time, not at the same time for everyone. Specify Slack channels to deliver results and share information across the team or managers.

How it works
Run standups or updates

Focus bot asks everyone at a particular time about the current statuses. Enjoy the process of automation and teamwork on autopilot. It’s easy to sync the team with Focus bot while you are preparing your coffee. Replace costly status meetings by light-weight online standups.

How it works
Get insights from the results

Receive results in Slack channel(s) or Focus web application. Build alignment between members and identify blockers. Gain better insights but have fewer meetings.

How it works
Send public praise

For sending recognition, just type to Focus bot @name r++ for and specify what your coworker did amazing. Focus bot makes all works – send praise in public channel and updates total recognitions in the user’s profile. Recognition is a powerful way to create deeper employee engagement. Your team will love it.

Ready to get started?

Focus on what really matters and set the bot. It takes less than a minute.