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Focus for Slack

Manage OKRs and run asynchronous team check-ins in Slack

Add to Slack

For existing Focus users, make sure your email address matches the one you use in Slack

Why use Focus bot?

Focus bot allows teams stay in sync without wasting the time. Instead of the heap of messages, long emails, and endless meetings – focus on what matters the most. Replace costly status meetings by lightweight online check-ins and align your team around objectives to achieve better results.

Meetings Management

Automate check-ins and weekly planning.

OKR Management

Set Objectives. Track. Measure.


Meeting Management

Sync up your team. Run effective meetings.

Escape from pointless meetings.

Replace lengthy meetings and other interruptions with efficient online check-ins.

Automate check-ins in Slack:

- daily check-ins

- weekly plans

- weekly updates

- icebreakers

- or create your own workflow


OKR Management

Identify OKRs. Measure progress. Align team.

Create transparency across your company by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce and build a high-performing team to achieve new heights.

Identify top priorities by setting OKRs and keep your team’s focus on them day after day.

OKRs in Slack:

- Receive notifications when teams and individuals updated OKRs

- Receive reminders when OKRs updates are due and easily manage updates

- Update your OKRs in directly in Slack (coming soon)


How Focus bot works

How it works
Schedule daily check-in and/or weekly update

Set the time, type of event and channel(s) to deliver results. You might run standard or asynchronous meetings in Slack. Asynchronous check-in begins in particular locale time, not at the same time for everyone. Specify Slack channels to deliver results and share information across the team or managers.

How it works
Run check-ins or updates

Focus bot asks everyone at a particular time about the current statuses. Enjoy the process of automation and teamwork on autopilot. It’s easy to sync the team with Focus bot while you are preparing your coffee. Replace costly status meetings by light-weight online check-ins.

How it works
Get insights from the results

Receive results in Slack channel(s) or Focus web application. Build alignment between members and identify blockers. Gain better insights but have fewer meetings.

Ready to get started?

Focus on what really matters and set the bot. It takes less than a minute.

For teams that have already used Focus, you will add the Focus bot to your existing Focus account. Make sure your email address matches the one you use in Slack.

If you haven't registered at Focus or your email address at Focus doesn't match the one you use in Slack, adding the Focus bot to your Slack workspace creates the new workspace at Focus.