Slack Setup Guide

How to install Focus bot for Slack

How to install


Please use the same email address on Focus that you use on Slack.

User's email address on Slack = User's email address on Focus

Step 1

Add Focus bot in your Slack team by clicking the button 'Add to Slack’.
You can click this button on Focus account: Admin menu > Dashboard.

Slack button in Focus

Step 2

Allow the bot installation in Slack.

Slack button in Focus

Step 3

Boom! That’s all.
Congratulations! Focus bot was installed in your Slack workspace.


Team users from Slack, who haven’t got an account in Focus yet, will receive an invitation email after the first standup or the weekly update. If a user has on Slack another email address, then he or she should change it in Focus into this email address.


How to use Focus bot?

The bot is working now. It will run daily standups and weekly updates according to your settings. To edit bot's settings, you should use Standups settings or Updates settings.

What can you set in Slack bot settings?

– Choose a channel or a user who will get team reports
– Choose the type of standups: common or asynchronous standups
– Change the time and questions

Slack settings in Focus

Here is the section for managing bot's settings

Status shows the bot status. If you want to turn the bot off, just click on the status to switch the bot.

Delivery results: You can receive reports with standups or weekly updates in direct messages for users or in public channels. Specify users and/or channels whom bot will send reports in the Delivery results section. Just click on the button ‘Choose channels’ and specify it. If you choose public channel for reports, please add Focus bot to this channel.

Asynchronous Standups: Make Asynchronous Standups or Updates active, if you want to run this type of event. If Asynchronous Standups is disabled then Classic Standup works. The same is actual for Asynchronous Weekly Updates.

By default, the bot runs Classic Standup when all users get questions at the same time. If you want to manage standups for the team in different timezones you might choose Asynchronous Standups. In Asynchronous Standups, the bot will send the questions in the same LOCAL time.

Example for the team that works in different timezones (New York, San Francisco, London):

Standup time in settings: 10 am
Head office: New York

Classic Standup begins in NY time:
- 10 am in NY (UTC-5)
- 7 am in SF (UTC-8)
- 3 pm in London (UTC+0)

Asynchronous Standup begins in:
- 10 am in NY
- 10 am in SF
- 10 am in London

Standup or Update results

Standup report in Slack

Here is the picture of the standup in Slack

You can get standup results either in delivery results channel(s) (if you specified it on Settings) or in Focus account.

Standups section in Focus
Weekly updates section in Focus

Employee Recognition

For sending recognition, just type to Focus bot in direct messages @name r++ for and specify what your coworker did amazing. @name is your coworker's username. Focus bot makes all works – send praise in public channel and updates total recognitions in the user’s profile. Recognition is a powerful way to create deep employees engagement. Your team will love it.

Focus recognition in Slack

How to send recognition in Slack

In the example above, Erlich just sent this message to Focus bot @Bertram r++ for great server's work in the garage.

The alternative way for sending recognition is using the Recognition section in Focus account.

You can use the Focus bot to build the amazing culture and work better in Slack now.