OKR-based updates

We created a new way for weekly updates and plans. We called it OKR-based weekly updates.

The challenge we see with current updates is the lack of connection between weekly action items and OKRs. Yeah, we have the questions about the main OKR next week. However, it doesn’t really show what you did for specific OKR last week.

So, OKR-based updates solve this problem.

IMPORTANT! OKR-based updates work only on the web platform. If you want to use the Focus bot for Slack, you should run classic weekly updates. Yeah, it’s still possible to use classic weekly updates.

How it works

To show you how OKR-based updates work, I want to mention how classic updates work.

Classic weekly update
Classic weekly update

You can see in the picture above how the classic update works. We have 3 questions, which help to align the team on a weekly basis. 

The questions:

  • What did you accomplish last week?
  • What is your key insight of this week?
  • How was your experience at work this week?

About OKR-based approach

The OKR approach is based not only on weekly updates but on weekly plans too. 

Everything starts on a weekly plan now. 

OKR-based weekly plan
OKR-based weekly plan

Answering what you are going to do this week, you should choose OKRs and specify action items for each OKR.

Answer on weekly plan
Answer on OKR-based weekly plan

It’s time to work now. 

At the end of the week, you run a weekly update. And you have here your weekly OKRs and action items you have mentioned on the last weekly plan.

OKR-based weekly update
OKR-based weekly update

Also, you can add something that you haven’t mentioned on the weekly plan.

weekly update
Set status for each action item

You should only choose it is completed or not. If it’s not completed, the system asks you for details.

weekly update at Focus
Details on why it’s not completed

However, the main goal of the weekly update is specifying OKR you were working on last week and connecting it with action items.

It allows seeing the detailed traction on your progress. How much the OKRs were moved for the last week, what you accomplished, what wasn’t accomplished, and why.

It gives you a better understanding of what you should improve and how strong you are following your OKRs.

How to set OKR-based updates?

If you want to use OKR-based updates, drop us a message via [email protected]. We will set everything up for you.