Meet the new Focus update ?

We’re excited to announce that after listening to your feedback we decided to make some improvements and today we’re launching a new Focus update!

What’s new?

So, what’s the point of this Focus update? After talking to a lot of people at different sizes of companies we came to realize that the #1 thing that makes or breaks sharing a common purpose is the lack of transparency. 

So we decided to put transparency at the core of Focus. This means you’ll be able to see everybody’s Objectives, you can browse everybody’s Daily Check-ins and give and receive Kudos to and from anyone in your organization. Combine this with our Marketing and Product OKR examples to supercharge your teams.

Simplified Navigation

We heard you loud and clear and simplified the way you navigate between the company, team, and individual levels. Gone is the top-level selector and instead we are introducing a left-hand side menu that is divided into three sections. On the top, you’ll find a new Home page (more on this later.) Below it, are familiar items, but we improved their naming to make it easier for people not used to these terms yet.

New Focus menu
The new Focus menu: simple and powerful

OKRs are now called Objectives, Standups are Daily Check-ins, Weekly Updates stayed the same while Recognition is now Kudos. By the way, kudos to you for reading this update! Below these, you’ll find the new My Teams section where you’ll find the Company page and any Team pages you are part of. In the third and last section, you can browse all Teams and People and finally manage your Settings.

We know it’s a big change, so let us know how you like it.

Filter everything

Cool, so the top-level selector is gone. So how do I view Company level and Team level objectives or my own? That’s where the new filters come into play. You can now filter OKRs, Weekly Updates, Daily Check-ins and Kudos by Company, Team, or Individual. It’s simple, powerful, and most of all, transparent.

Focus filtering
Filters for OKRs, Check-ins, Updates and Kudos

Brand new Home page

Let’s talk about the new Home page. Here you’ll see the most important updates that concern you. While you can go and explore all the updates, Objectives, Daily Check-ins, and what-not in line with our prioritizing transparency approach, the new Home page is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to focus on.

Focus Home page

Give the new Focus a spin today!

Create a new OKR and share a daily check-in in the new Focus!