Focus bot 2.0 for Slack

We updated the Focus bot for Slack today. Actually, it’s a brand new bot. It’s more reliable than the previous one.

You can use the new Slack bot for 3 things now: 

  • Run check-ins or other campaigns (daily check-ins, weekly updates, weekly plans, or your custom campaigns)
  • Get OKR notifications and updates in Slack
  • Run Icebreakers in Slack

How to install the new Focus bot?

  1. Delete current Slack bot in your Slack workspace (Settings & administration > Manage apps > click on the bot “focus v1” and click “Remove bot” button in the bot settings). 
  2. Install the new bot (button will be here)

About the bot Settings

After installation, you can set bot for your team. You can specify members for check-ins (by default, the bot will send the check-ins to everyone), change time, or choose a public channel for results delivery. If you choose a public channel, please add the bot to this channel. 

Check your campaign settings here.

slack bot settings
The bot settings for daily check-in campaign

If you create Objectives at Focus, the Focus bot will send notifications when someone updates OKRs (Objective and Key Results). It helps to sync the team and focus on the most important things. To use it, please specify a public channel for OKRs notifications and add the Focus bot to the channel.

slack bot settings
The bot settings for OKRs

Also, the bot can remind users who didn’t update their OKRs last week or last 2 weeks. 

You can edit OKR settings here.

Let me know what you think about the new bot.

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