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Focus is #2 on Product hunt 


Awesome news. We launched Focus on Product Hunt last week and became the #2 product of the day

Who doesn’t know about this platform, Product Hunt is the biggest curation of the best new products. Several dozens of the new startups compete on the platform to become top-5 products.  

So, it’s a really great result for us, and we appreciate everyone who supported us that day.

We got a lot of signups at Focus and, as a result, more requests and feedback from users. We are excited to see your interest, and we are going to build the most useful tool in the team management space.


Anton Cherkasov,
Founder at Focus

By Anton Cherkasov

Anton is a founder of Focus, which is a team management platform. He is also a writer in HackerNoon, The Startup, Good Audience, and other media. Previously Anton has worked in Wildberries (#1 eCommerce store in Russia). He is falling in love with growth hacking, product management, and football.

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