1:1 meetings at Focus


A new feature is coming. I’m excited to announce the 1:1 meetings at Focus. The 1:1 meetings help employees to grow and develop strong relationships with people.

“You spend so much time finding great people, it’s worth it to help them grow to be the best they can be.”

JUSTIN ROSENSTEIN, (Co-Founder, Asana)

You can use 1:1 meetings in Focus now.

1:1 meetings
1:1 meetings at Focus

The 1:1 meetings consist of the 7 main pieces in Focus:

  • Monthly focus – help to keep eyes on the most important goal this month
  • Talking points – things you want to talk about at the meeting
  • Action items – todos that are synchronized with the Task menu
  • #1 thing to achieve next week – the main focus for the next week
  • Notes – for feedback or any ideas
  • Follow up – for expanding your meeting outcomes
  • And private feedback – only you see these notes.

To create your first 1:1, choose a teammate for the meeting and fill fields you want to talk about. 

Add a teammate and specify talking points before the meeting

The 1:1 meetings are available on the Pro + Culture plan.

Let me know what you thing about 1:1 meetings.