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Everyone on the same page

Team management software that keeps your team connected and focused on top priorities. Even when everyone is remote.

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Management software that empowers your team

Set your top priorities and keep them in focus everyday

No more chaos

Sync your team and know what’s going on in the company via daily check-ins

Focus on what matters the most

Focus keeps your team on the most important outcomes daily. Instead of the heap of messages, long emails, and endless meetings – focus on what matters the most.

Become an A-Team

Identify the right objectives to work on and focus execution on measurable outcomes, so your people can perform better.

Without Focus

Google Sheets for OKRs
Google Docs for 1:1 meetings
Zoom calls for status meetings
$1,395/month the cost of time for status meetings for 5 employees
Slack bot for daily standups
$3/month per user
Hours for trying to keep the focus
$$$ for doing wrong things

With Focus

Daily check-ins
Weekly Updates
1:1 meetings
Mood check-ins
Weekly and daily focuses
Auto reminders
+ Team alignment and focus
+ Connection between strategy and tactics

Why use Focus?

How Focus works
Better Alignment

– Stop wasting time with status meetings and emails. Use daily check-ins.

– Share a daily check-in and everyone on the team will know what’s happening

– Build alignment between members and gain better insights while having fewer meetings

– Supercharge your managers by giving them better insights

How Focus works
More Focus

– Identify top priorities by setting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and keep your team’s focus on it day after day

- Make sure that you are on track and you are on top of everything without micromanaging

– At the end of the week, view your progress towards top priorities. Focus on what matters the most weekly and daily.

Use Focus on the web app or in Slack

Use Focus on the web app and get all information in your team account. Or bring all power of asynchronous standups and employee recognition without leaving Slack. Just integrate your team account with Focus bot for Slack. It takes less than a minute.

Focus on what really matters

Stay connected without spending days in drawn out meetings that don’t achieve a lot

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Daily Check-ins

Daily Check-ins are a great way to stay connected. You and your team will know what’s happening through a simple 3 minute a day check-in.

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Objectives and Key Results

Create transparency across your company by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce and build a high-performing team to achieve new heights.

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1:1 Meetings

Supercharge your managers with Focus 1:1 meetings. Collect an agenda before the meeting to have better conversations and identify the next steps.

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