Keep your team aligned and goal-oriented

Focus is a simple app ideal for remote team management that handles the organizational burden of goal setting, OKRs, daily and weekly check-ins and task management.

OKR software for Service companies

Cut out the organizational fluff

Focus helps you eliminate extraneous meetings and reduce your digital mount of spreadsheets.

OKR Management

Set Objectives. Set Key Results. Measure.

Task Management

Break your objectives down into bite-sized to do's.

Meetings Management

Automate check-ins and weekly standups to save your team hours.

Employee Engagement Management

Keep the team happy and engaged.


Focus Framework


Objective Key Results


Tasks, Daily Check-ins, Weekly Updates


Kudos, Mood surveys, Icebreakers, 1:1 meetings, Feedback

Integrate Focus with Slack or Discord.

Not looking to onboard “yet another team app”? Focus’ web app features extend into Slack and Discord so employees can utilize them where and how they want to.

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Big teams shouldn't cost big bucks

Focus is the only team app that doesn’t charge per user pricing. Enjoy all of Focus’ goal setting and team alignment features for one flat rate.